Choosing a domain name for your site may seem like a difficult task to tackle. Trademark issues, corporate rules, and copyright laws are many reasons why many companies prefer not to use a domain name.

If you choose to create a domain name based on your company’s brand name, you’ll need to research all the restrictions and regulations on using trademarks. Doing so can help to determine whether you will be able to gain access to the most prominent domain.

If you already own a brand name, such as CocoaMn for your own family of brands, you’ll need to know when to use it or drop it in favor of a new brand you create. Fortunately, most vendors offer consultation services for details and suggestions on registering a domain name.

Once you know the size and shape of your brand name, it’s time to draw up a short, snappy URL name. Go up to the next level by placing your brand name across the top of the URL. Choose something that you can easily pronounce and spell on your mobile devices. Make your web page last longer and retain an eye-catching description. Call your domain names like names you’ve come to love.

If you are creating a website, you will create an awesome name for your page. Make your HTML content into the domain name. Want an easy-to-spell, well-designed homepage? Create your own domain. Work with Google to create a template based on your current branding and serve it to the public.

Smartphone and web browsers are getting more flexible and mobile users are becoming even more demanding. Domain names often help distinguish between mobile and desktop. Make your domain names easy to read and search for. Use them as a brief and concise code as a place to reference that’s easy to remember and search on mobile devices.

Cost is another reason not to use a domain name. Many people opt not to pay for a domain name. You’ll need a personal guarantee to convince them to part with their hard-earned cash. Once you commit to a domain name, you need to make sure it serves your brand well. The best domain name isn’t cheap to buy, so use your own money.

The latest in domain names on the block

The nature of the web has become more fluid, chaotic, and eclectic, and the name you choose is pivotal to the success of your business. Now is a good time to take a look at popular domain names. If you’re convinced of the merits of choosing the right domain name, take a look at the latest trends and domain names in use.

Mashable named three new top-level domains in 2018: Geekdom, Void, and Metblogs. These three new top-level domains all belong to a small group of tech giants, among them Google, Amazon and LinkedIn. If you know the names of these companies, you’re likely familiar with their myriad programs and services. If not, you should start buying up the names of this new era in business.

Earlier this year Google and Facebook released the top 25 most popular domain names in 2017, ranking at the top with OneLogin at number one. The five highest-ranked web property owners are:

iDestinations – 13,565.66 million
OneLogin – 11,824.5 million
Tempered – 10,093.5 million
Bench – 8,729.5 million
NetGear – 8,740.69 million
Github – 8,723.44 million
Youtube – 8,366.88 million

While choosing a new domain name as quickly as possible is important, it’s often important to choose a theme. Otherwise, you could wind up with a name similar to another business you already own.

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This next step is determining whether to hold onto your original domain and create your own new one. Consider that you will be getting more expensive brand protection when switching to the new top-level domain. And before you choose an alternative, search for your new domain and choose one that best suits your brand. This could mean a significant cost reduction. If so, look into the savings as you lay the groundwork for a future brand-spanking-new website.

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