Our Story

Agile Webware brings together a group of passionate minds to help you turn your ideas into reality and provide your users with an amazing digital experience. Our solutions, which range from website design and development to scalable mobile apps and SaaS systems, help our clients increase productivity and drive growth.

All of our efforts are focused on reaching and maintaining the highest level of performance possible. We create end-to-end solutions for multi-million dollar financed start-ups to small and medium organizations by leveraging the power of technology.

our story

Our Mission

Our objective is to use technology as a major instrument to improve your brand’s presence and company productivity.

Our Core Values

All of our actions revolve around our core values, which encourage us to stay focused on the righteous path.

Lead By Example

Honesty & Transparency


Passion & Commitment

Knowledge & Innovation

Clear & Effective Communication

Our Leadership

Those of us who are insatiably curious and ferociously independent are challengers, problem solvers, intrapreneurs and innovators.

Shyam Sunder Bhattacharjee

Shyam Sunder Bhattacharjee

Founder & CTO
Shyam's mission is to provide the ultimate creative and an everlasting branding experience for our prospects. He is in charge of driving technology innovation within the company.
Sumeet Lopes

Sumeet Lopes

Founder & CFO
Sumeet's career has centered on serving clients in the technology and media industries, particularly on organizations building their digital capabilities.